This blog is a celebration of our relationship, but also of the things we love and want to share with others: wilderness, wild food, wild yoga and wild adventures.

20160807_162137Kristina: Chad receives every wild idea I share with an open mind and open heart. He makes me feel free to be myself and to let my creativity blossom in many forgotten ways. He is a good listener, a kind soul and will always strike up a dance with me. Life is better together. Since Chad has been in my life, I laugh and smile a lot more, and it feels really good.

imgp3784Chad: What Chad Says: I’m so grateful that Kristina and I found each other! It’s amazing to have found someone with so many common interests and passions to share my life with. I love sharing my love of exploring wild places with Kristina, and it’s been fun seeing places in North Carolina and other parts of the country with her, and also taking her to my favorite places here in Utah. Kristina has enriched my life in so many ways, including teaching me yoga and introducing me to all kinds of amazing foods. Two of the many things Kristina and I have in common are a love of writing and a love of photography, and I’m glad we have this blog as a way to share those loves and other loves with you.

Thank you for letting us share these things with you!